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We’ll get you taken care of with same day treatment.

No one knows when an emergency will happen, but it’s important to know what to do when one occurs.

As your emergency dentist in Independence, Dr. Garner has helped patients through countless urgent situations.

By choosing Justin Garner Dentistry for your emergency needs, you can:
  • Get the help you need within 24 hours
  • Reach your dentist on evenings and weekends
  • Restore the health of your smile
  • Enjoy life again by stopping your pain
Don’t wait to get your smile back! If you’re experiencing an emergency, call us ASAP at 816-252-0055 for an appointment.


Even when you’re careful, emergencies happen!

Not sure if something is an emergency? If you’re in pain, you need help right away. Below are some of the more common situations we handle and actions you can take until you get here:


Contact us right away if you need help!

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you’ve knocked out a tooth, find it immediately and place it in a glass of milk or container of saliva. We’ll try to get your tooth back in your mouth, but timing is everything. Contact us right away if you’ve lost a permanent tooth.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A chipped tooth is an emergency even if there is no pain at the time. It’s usually a symptom of an underlying condition that needs to be addressed quickly. We can repair your tooth with one of our restorative or cosmetic treatments, depending on the severity of the damage. Even if you aren’t in pain, visit us ASAP to repair your smile since bacteria may be able to get inside your tooth through these areas.


 A toothache can signal an infection in your gums, irreversible trauma to the nerve or an abscess. If you’ve dealt with this pain more than a day or two, see us ASAP, so we can prevent serious infection.

Broken or Lost Filling

If you no longer have your filling in place, this can cause pain from an exposed tooth root. Keep that area of your mouth clean until you can see us for repair, and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth.

Dental Trauma

If you have trauma to your mouth of any kind, especially one that has caused bleeding in the soft tissues in your mouth, press gauze to the area and use a cold compress to suppress any swelling. Visit us as soon as you can.

Oral Swelling

This is a definite sign of infection. In case of swelling, come in  immediately for assessment, which could be antibiotics or other treatment. 

Hot or Cold Pain

This is good indication that nerve is getting damaged. If the thermal pain is intense and lingers, this is also a good indication of nerve damage. This could mean a root canal is needed.

We’ll help you make it through your dental emergency

While we always try to save your tooth whenever possible, removal can be necessary to protect other healthy teeth. Dr. Garner can safely perform your extraction to restore the health of your smile. After your mouth has healed, he will restore the missing tooth. You may benefit from dental implants for a stronger bite and better jawbone health.
We know how alarming it is to experience an emergency. Your emergency dentist in Independence can help you stay calm and get out of pain fast. For immediate help, call 816-252-0055 for an appointment. For non-emergency needs, you can request an appointment online.


Dr Garner is very professional. He has a great communication style. We can ask him anything and it’s told to us where we can understand it easily.
ToniLynn Jones
My husband and I didnt take care of our teeth for years because we just hated going to the dentist and every time we did go they would tell us we needed root canals. Got our nerve and gave Dr Garner a chance. He made us feel comfortable, fixed our teeth, a step at a time, with no root canals. … We are both so glad we put our faith in him. Now we go twice a year and no problems. Would highly recommend him.
Patty Solsberg – Blue Springs

Dr. Gardner is very personable, professional, and delivers kind dental care. He cares about the quality of work he delivers. What does that look like you say? He will tell you that he will follow up with you on how you’re doing depending on the type of work that was done. He also went the extra mile to send a card to extend thoughtfulness in following up as well. He is highly recommended!

M S 

Common Questions about our Emergency Dental Services

Can you help with my dental emergency?

Over his career, Dr. Garner has helped patients through almost every type of dental emergency imaginable. He is experienced and knowledgeable in a wide array of treatments and can handle your situation as well. We look forward to serving you in your hour of need so you can feel better soon.

What can you do for my dental emergency?

When you come to us for your emergency, you can expect quick, skilled treatment to get your smile back in shape. Our first priority will be to stop your dental pain so you can relax. Dr. Garner will perform an emergency exam and possibly take X-rays to determine what is causing your pain and what needs to be done to correct it. He’ll always discuss your options for care.

What are common dental emergencies?

If you are in severe pain, that qualifies as an emergency, regardless of the underlying cause. However, some common dental emergencies include a dislodged tooth, broken teeth, mouth trauma, cuts to your gums, advanced infections, painful cavities, and more. You don’t need to remember the list, just the place you’ll want to go to – which is right here!